Synagogue Construction and Renovations
Location: Various Bases Throughout Israel

Having a synagogue is a critical piece of the spiritual well being of many of our soldiers. While some bases were in need of a new synagogue altogether, others had certain elements that needed repair. Whatever the need, My Soldier was there!

The following are several synagogue projects we have carried out at bases throughout Israel:
  • The Israel Border Policy (Mishmar Hagevul) has recently built a new central command base in Beit El and training center for its Judea and Samaria division. As it is a new base, there was still no synagogue on premises. We built a brand-new synagogue with all of the furniture and holy supplies needed to have an active and thriving place to worship.
  • The Beit Jubrin base is involved with special missions as well as special training and logistics. We were asked to build a synagogue for the soldiers which we did in honor of Hadar Cohen, a soldier from this base who was tragically killed.
  • The Metsudat Adumim base has both Israeli Border Policy and IDF soldiers stationed there. There are many soldiers passing through as well as others who are stationed there on longer missions. The synagogue on the base was no longer big enough for all the soldiers stationed here, so much so that they were being forced to pray outside. We helped to build a brand-new synagogue that would fit everyone, a space that is now being used on a daily basis.
  • We repaired the staircase leading up to the synagogue at the Tzomet Tapuach base as it was in very bad condition and dangerous to use.
  • The Yad Mordechai base is located in the Gaza strip area. The base needed a Sefer Torah and we were asked to donate one in honor of Hadas Malka, a special soldier who was brutally killed. We also renovated the synagogue in her memory.